Jewish weddings

Performing Jewish weddings are the heart and soul of my work as a rabbi. My work with couples to create the perfect ceremony for their special day is deeply sacred. Because of the relationships which develop as we work together, I tend to form lasting bonds with the brides and grooms whom I marry. While most of the weddings over which I officiate are in the Puget Sound region, I also travel to destination or out-of-state weddings. I work with couples in person or, for out-of-state couples, via Skype. I will never, ever not feel a thrill when I say these words: "By the power given to me by the State of Washington [or wherever!] and according to the laws of Moses and Israel, I declare [the couple before me] to be married"! Mazal tov!

Jewish education

Are you interested in learning more about Judaism? Are you someone who is looking for a spiritual home which is congruent with science and which does not require one to have a specific belief system? And what if you don't believe in God? Is there a place for you in Judaism?

Progressive Judaism is much more interested in questions than in answers. There is not one way to believe or even one way to not believe. I teach classes in Jewish topics around the Sound and am developing a new in-depth spiritual learning program to be called "Al haDerech" (Along the Path) for those who are considering conversion to Judaism. Please contact me if you think Judaism may be your spiritual path.


Life Cycle Events

It is said that Judaism is a blending of raisins and almonds, the sweetness of life which is sometimes punctuated by sorrow. I specialize in creating meaningful welcoming ceremonies for new babies (brit milah for a boy and simcha bat for a girl), celebrating one-of-a-kind weddings with special couples and also helping families at difficult times of loss by officiating at memorial services, shiva minyanim and unveilings.

Further questions...

To discuss your needs for an officiant at your wedding or other Jewish life cycle event or to explore your spiritual journey, please contact me.